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2011: The Best Films Of The Year

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Box Office Report: June 3-5, 2011

This article reprinted with kind permission of Awards Circuit, and originally linked at The Awards Circuit News Blog

Via Box Office Mojo, The Numbers, Deadline, and other sources:

Despite landing the weakest opening attendance-wise in the “X-Men” film series to date, “X-Men: First Class” ruled the top of the box office weekend with an opening weekend tallied at $55.1 million. While this does exceed the opening of the first film in the franchise speaking strictly in a dollars-and-cents capacity (2000′s “X-Men” started with $54.5 million), simple inflation would tell you that a lot more people saw that film in its first 3 days then this one. Was it the absence of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine (save a hilarious and winning cameo by Jackman), the fact that James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and a 2011 Kevin Bacon are not bankable box office commodities, or simply attrition with moviegoers on this series?

Eyes turned to the success that another fifth film in a series experienced when “Fast Five” conjured up $568 million worldwide. Fox was optimistic that they would deliver a healthier number than they did, hoping in the mid $60-low $70 million range. Executives were saying all the right things regarding the opening, indicating that this “X-Men” is a starting over or relaunch of a series and pointed to the opening of “Batman Begins” ($54.5 million) as more of a reasonable comparison. Regardless, the film may have opened to strong reviews, but will struggle to make back its $160 production budget on the domestic side of the ledger, especially with the eagerly anticipated “Super 8″ looming in a few short days.

“X-Men” proved to be the only major opening of the weekend, but how did other independent films fare? Did Woody Allen deliver a third impressive return with “Midnight In Paris”? How did Terrence Malick’s “Tree Of Life” expand? Details and the Top 40 after the cut!

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