SIFF 2015 – Day 2

SIFF BannerThe 41st Seattle International Film Festival is here! With 450 feature-length films at the ready, the festival is bigger and more prolific than ever before. Parties, galas, interviews, red carpet events, and big adventures await.

The festival runs from May 14 through June 7 and for all the details, visit the home of the Seattle International Film Festival,

DAY TWO – MAY 15, 2015

Sean Axmaker’s Parallax View offers a definitive guide to the happenings of the festival.

  • Check out Sean’s guide featuring coverage from The Seattle Times, the Everett Herald, the Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, and more!

Seattle Times film critic Moira Macdonald offers tips of how to navigate the festival…

Listen to CinemaSquabble – Episode #10!

  • Seattle film critics Adam Gehrke, Sara Michelle Fetters, and Brian Zitzelman talk the week’s new movies and kick off their SIFF coverage with an interview with former Seattle film writer John Portanova, whose debut film Valley of the Sasquatch premieres during the festival on May 24.

Brent McKnight shares with us 10 films you are going to be hearing a lot about during and after SIFF 2015.

Nick Tiffany interviewed Spy director Paul Feig when the SIFF Opening Night film got a first look at the recent South by Southwest Film Festival. 


SIFF Cinema Uptown Theatre #1:

1001 Grams (4:30 PM)
Set Fire To The Stars (7:00 PM)
The Connection (9:30 PM)

SIFF Cinema Uptown Theatre #2:

Flowers (4:00 PM)
Margarita, With A Straw (6:30 PM)
Waterline (9:00 PM)

SIFF Cinema Uptown Theatre #3:

Results (3:30 PM)
For Grace (6:00 PM)
Ciudad Delirio (8:30 PM)

The Egyptian:

Accused (4:00 PM)
Love & Mercy (6:30 PM)
Goodnight Mommy (9:30 PM)
Deathgasm (MIDNIGHT)

Pacific Place:

Paris Of The North (11:30 AM)
The Farewell Party (2:00 PM)
Handmade With Love In France (4:15 PM)
Seoul Searching (6:30 PM)
The Village (9:30 PM)

Harvard Exit:

Charlie’s Country (4:00 PM)
Tab Hunter: Confidential (7:00 PM)
Guidance (9:30 PM)

Lincoln Square in Bellevue:

Behavior (3:30 PM)
Steve Jobs: The Man In The Machine (6:00 PM)
Gazelles (8:30 PM)


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