header.jpgShould I See It is a website for all types of film fans…from the occasional film watcher to the frequent movie goer.  While Should I See It is a film review-heavy website, a focus is made on not just whether the subject film is good or not, but also takes the time to break down the pros and cons of the film in the hopes of answering the question that brought you to the site in the first place; namely, SHOULD I SEE IT?

MikeBoyMike Ward, Editor/Publisher/Lead Reviewer

My love of film began at the age of 7 when my parents not only gave me a television, but HBO to boot. My passion for film, music, and frankly, pop culture, in general can be isolated to this one incident from my youth. After landing a dream job (for me) at the local hometown video store in my high school years, I was able to assist the store owners in seeking out, stocking, and buying independent titles and foreign films, as well as creating a store newsletter and helping develop promotions around the Academy Awards. College brought a study of film aesthetics, story development, technique, and analysis; however, I quickly realized that while this was information I took to heart and enjoyed having, that knowledge didn’t always translate to the real reason we love movies – we love the potential a film has in making us feel a wide range of possible emotions.

We love to laugh and we sometimes like a good cry.  We like to be scared, riveted on the edge of our seat, and many like to have a film say something.  Most of all however, we want to be entertained.  The reviews found on Should I See It do feature my subjective opinion, but also keep YOU, the viewer in mind, with the hope of answering that age-old question that Mike, Pam, Jamilyn, Geoff, Russ, Ryan, Wendy, and so many others were asked every single day in that video store…

Should I See It?


NickTiffanyNick Tiffany, Staff Writer/Contributor/Podcaster Extraordinaire

Since the second grade, I’ve been acting and singing whenever I had the chance. Theater and music has always played a large part in my life and they’re both things that I hold dear to myself. Growing up, I was also exposed to a lot of awesome movies that my dad loved. The combination of acting on stage and the possibility of acting for film has always been a main goal of mine. I guess you could say that I’ve grown up around actors and movies all my life.

This love of performing and performances has only grown throughout the years, as has my taste in what I like to see in plays and movies. In my spare time, I watch movies of every type. It was when I entered high school, when I knew that I absolutely loved movies. When I have nothing else, they’ve always been there. Comedy to make me laugh. Drama and Romance to make me cry. Action, Adventure, and Sci-Fi to make me relax and enjoy! No matter what I’ve been through, I’ve always had my go-to movies that I would never shut up about to my friends.

Please visit www.NickTiffany.com to read all of Nick’s film reviews, see the latest trailers, movie news and much, much more!


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  1. Scott: Thank you so much for taking the time to write those comments…I completely agree with your comments about the Eastside’s movie selection, but as I become more entrenched with this “hobby” of mine, I hope to one day find a way to have a venue in the Valley for those films you describe. There are so many wonderful films that get missed, that perhaps my ultimate goal is to bring some attention to the smaller films that I stumble onto and give them an audience.

    The film series is an experiment of sorts, but one in which Lee and I knew the films would be good enough to initiate some interest and get people talking. And thus, the discussions after each film.

    If this is the same Scott I shook hands with and have seen at our last two screenings, thanks for reaching out here and I welcome the chance to talk to you again soon – perhaps at “Waste Land”. If this is a Scott who I have not yet met personally, please find me at a remaining screening and let’s say hello.

    I greatly appreciate the support and am always down for a chat about film. Be well and thanks again…

  2. Hey Mike! – Great job with the documentary series at Miller’s so far! A big pat on the back and a hearty ‘atta boy’ for you! I enjoy your site and am delighted someone else in the Valley enjoys some of the same films I do- in particular i checked to see how you responded to ‘True Grit’ and ‘Machete’. Unfortunately there is nowhere on the East side to see many of the best difficult, demanding or disturbing films that come out- even great mainstream foreign films never play on the Eastside. It sucks. Those of us with an appetite for smaller-market quality cinema should stay in touch!

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